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Disorders We Treat

The Natural Hair Loss Solution

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We mainly treat your hair loss issues or scalp damage based on a known disorder or based on our findings through genetic testing. hair thins, splits, and falls 99% based on an underlying health condition.

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Sudden Hairloss

Alopecia Areata | Anagen Effluvium | Telogen Effluvium | COVID Alopecia

Chronic Hairloss

Traction Alopecia | Traumatic Hair Loss | Lace Front Traction Alopecia | Female Patterned Baldness (androgenic alopecia) | Male Patterned Baldness (androgenic alopecia)

Scalp Environment Issues

Dandruff | Sebborheic Dermatitis

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Here's What You Can Expect.


Our innovative approach offers a non-invasive, non-surgical solution for hair growth and scalp rejuvenation. By addressing root causes, we utilize genetic testing and microscopic research to pinpoint precise issues contributing to hair loss. Through a personalized regimen, tailored to each client, we achieve remarkable natural hair growth within just 90 days.