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Scalp Treatments

Scalp Treatments

Suffering With Scalp Issues?

Those who suffer with chronic scalp issues know the difficulties of searching for
help at the drugstore counter or doctor’s office, only to have the problem come back
even worse than before. What you may not know is that many treatments contain oils and irritants that directly contribute to the problem and can permanently damage the deep layers of the scalp and/or alter its’ pH levels. 

Our treatment system gets you results by addressing the underlying causes,
eliminating the contributing factors and setting you out on a pathway to long-term

Scalp Health Solutions

Persistent scalp issues can signify underlying health concerns and are more than just cosmetic problems. Our approach to scalp issues begins with a thorough history and evaluation of your current hair care practices and products. We will assist with addressing chronic health issues that may be contributing to the problem. Next we will design a personalized treatment plan designed to restore scalp health and set you on a path toward long-term wellness.

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Scalp Detoxification And Exfoliation

Before delving into any treatment plan, we prioritize establishing a healthy scalp environment. Our custom-blended, organic peat-based treatment is the first step for all clients. This purifying solution effectively rids the scalp of accumulated toxins, destroys harmful microorganisms and increases blood flow, oxygen and nutrients. In addition, the treatment can be customized to remove thick plaques and old dead skin layers. This important step prepares the surface to absorb subsequent treatments.

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Ionized Oxygen Scalp Therapy

Our ionized oxygen scalp therapy delivers a burst of oxygen to the scalp, increasing blood flow and nutrients. This innovative treatment speeds up tissue healing and assists in reducing microorganisms that cause scalp issues.

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Custom Blended Scalp Solutions

Tailored to your unique needs, our custom-blended scalp solutions are designed to nourish and revitalize your scalp both at home and in the clinic. Formulated with ingredients backed by 25 years of research and experience, our oils, serums, and tonics have been proven to enhance scalp blood flow, regenerate follicle cells, reduce inflammation, prolong the hair growth phase, and prevent hair fall. With our carefully curated blend, you can trust in the efficacy of our scalp treatments to promote lasting hair health.

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