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The Agape Difference

The science behind our solutions. 

Science Backs our Hair Growth System.

At Agape our protocols are driven by research … not trends and fads.

We believe in the power of nature. Prior to the advent of complex chemicals and additives that now predominate the hair care, skin care and food industries, we relied on products from the earth to nourish, protect and even heal our bodies.

Traditional African and Asian medicine practices have embraced this principle for centuries, and research has validated the benefits of harnessing the therapeutic properties of plants.

Evidence: In 2020 researchers reviewed data collected from over 5 centuries of clinical trials on the use of plant substances to treat androgenic alopecia, which is responsible for 95% of human hair loss. The researchers identified 23 plants that have shown positive activity in treating hair loss through multiple different mechanisms.

Asnaashari S, Javadzadeh Y. Herbal Medicines For Treatment of Androgenic Alopecia. Altern Ther Health Med. 2020;26(4):27-35.


At Agape taking care of the the root cause is the key!

Many of our clients come to us reporting that they have tried many treatments and home remedies to address their hair and scalp issues. Unfortunately, this is like playing darts blindfolded. You can’t hit the target unless you know what and where it is!

At Agape we value YOU as a whole person. Instead of just focusing in on your hair we discover the various factors that are contributing to the problem and address them systematically-we call this our holistic approach.  We believe, and medical science has proven, that external hair and scalp issues are reflections of what is occurring on the inside of the body.

Take a look at the hair follicle.

The hair is attached to its own blood supply; the same blood that nourishes the surrounding skin and the major organs and tissues throughout the entire body. Any disorder of the body: inflammation, hormone disruption, toxic exposure or nutritional deficiency will also affect the follicle. When the follicle is not receiving what it needs, or is exposed to a toxin, the hair strand will be sacrificed, leading to hair loss.

Each hair has it's own blood supply!