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Treatment for Scalp Issues

Get Relief From Scalp Issues

Those who suffer with chronic scalp issues know the difficulties of searching for help at the drugstore counter or doctor’s office, only to have the problem come return, possibly worse than before. What you may not know is that many treatments contain oils and irritants that directly contribute to scalp problems and can permanently damage the deep layers of the scalp and/or alter it’s pH levels.

Scalp issues that persist can also be a sign of underlying health concerns and are more than just cosmetic problems. Our approach to scalp issues begins with the details of your medical history, laboratory work-up and a meticulous microscopic analysis of your hair and scalp. An evaluation of your current hair care practices and products is needed to identify ingredients that may be contributing to the problem. Next, we will design a personalized treatment plan designed to restore scalp health and set you on a path toward long-term wellness.

Some of our most effective treatment methods are listed below.

Our Treatments

Scalp Detox/Exfoliation

We always begin by establishing a healthy scalp environment. Our organic peat-based treatment is purifying and exfoliating, removing accumulated toxins and harmful microorganisms. It also removes thick plaques and dead skin layers. This prepares the surface to absorb later treatments.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Our professional-grade laser is a must for almost all hair/scalp conditions. LLLT is non-invasive harnessing the power infrared light which has been proven since the 1960's to promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation and stimulate the stem (growth) cells.

Oxygen Scalp Therapy

This is a natural, non-invasive treatment which stimulates the scalp with oxygen and is applied with one of our plant-based tonics. This stimulates blood flow, replenishes moisture, delivers nutrients and balances scalp and hair from the roots to the ends.

Nutrition Interventions

Conquering scalp issues frequently involves , changes to diet and lifestyle to balance the body, control pH and maintain healthy metabolism. This reduces inflammation which is a trigger.

Custom Scalp Tonics

Formulated for treatment at home and in the clinic, your personal formula will heal your scalp, targeting inflammation, microbial overgrowth, healing tissues, and reducing flaking, sensitivity, itch and redness.

Hair/Skin Products

Most scalp issues have triggers, some of which are the products used in daily care. We will do a detailed review of all product to eliminate aggravating substances.