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Chronic Inflammation

"Most people don’t know they are suffering from chronic inflammation because the symptoms, such as stomach difficulties, off and on joint pain, fatigue, weight gain and depression or anxiety can be very unclear."

What is chronic inflammation, anyway? It is a state in which our bodies are in constant “defense mode”: the immune system sending out emergency signals to protect our cells from harm. Medical research has shown that when our body’s defense system stays “turned up” for too long, it can damage our cells and tissues leading to diseases like heart issues, diabetes, arthritis (joint pain), brain problems, and even some types of cancer. The harmful substances that are made during inflammation can confuse our immune system, making it attack healthy parts of our body, which causes autoimmune diseases.

Let us examine you to Identify the issues!

Our program for chronic inflammation begins with identifying the issues by examining your history and lab work.  We then develop a personalized plan to eliminate inflammation triggers and help your body to heal itself with proper nutrition, targeted herbal supplements and appropriate holistic methods that promote wellness and resilience against chronic diseases.